Candypawz Knight On Broadway (Knight)

Knight is our new Sealpoint Stud Boy. Our thanks to Nicole McLean of Candypawz Birmans for alowing this wonderful sweet boy to join our breeding programme. Knight has already had his first girls and we are looking forward to some beautiful kittens this season from him.


Sycamore Lochinvar (Lockie)

Seal Point Stud Boy, Lockie has fabulous eye colour, lovely boning and body type and although a little timid at times he soon turns into a big cuddley bear when cuddled. Lockie is also leaving some stunning kittens.


Perfectpawz Sundance Kid (Sunny)

Blue Point Stud Boy. Sunny is pure Seal/Blue lines and after his first kittens arrived this season (2015/2016) we are very impressed with their type and nature. Our Thanks must go to Yvonne Murphy of Amoenta Birmans in Palmerston North for allowing this handsome boy to join our breeding programme.