Retired Queens


Jazzaray Little Mischief aka Missy

Missy was my first breeding queen, she is the mother of Minnie and was retired from breeding after contracting the Herpies Virus when I sent her away to Stud. Missy now lives in Christchurch as a much adored pet.


Calista Ayesha Mai aka Minnie

Minnie had a very successful Show Career reaching the title of Gold Double Grand Champion and has given us some stunning babies that will carry on her name. Minnie now lives with me as my pet.


Calista End Of An Era aka Dottie

Dottie now lives in Mayfield where she is a much loved pet and rules the roost.


Cornerstone Lady Lucille aka Lucy

Lucy now lives in Dunedin, she is a much adored pet and loves the freedom of her new lifestyle.


Aristarchus Athena aka Thena

Daughter of Adorabella Gigi, Athena had a short breeding career and now lives in Christchurch where she is a very spoilt and much loved pet.


Makareesh Gemma aka Gemma

Gemma gave us some beautiful kittens but as we suspect she may be an A B Blood type we had her spayed and she now lives with her grandmother Sycamore Maggie May and Susan as a much loved pet.


Sycamore Maggie May aka Maggie

Maggie has been retired and spends her days with her grand daughter Gemma.


Sycamore Ryshka aka Ryshka

Ryshka was retired in 2014 at the age of 8, she gave us some beautiful kittens and has earned her retirement. We have retained her last female kitten as a future breeding queen.


Aristarchus Private Dancer (Petal)

Petal has been retired after having difficulty birthing her last litter of kittens, so to save her anymore stress she has been spayed and now lives in retirement with Susan as another much loved pet.


Adorabella Picture Purrfect (Poppet)

Poppet aborted her last kitten 3 weeks early so we made the decision to retire her so she could live out her days as another of my much loved pets.


Aristarchus Xanadu Morning Mist (Misty)

Lilac Point girl, lovely eye colour, gorgeous clear coat and a wonderful temperament. Misty has done very well on the show bench. Misty won the best Lilac Point Trophy at the 2012 Birman Show and won the same trophy again in 2013. At age 7 Misty was retired from Breeding and now lives the spoilt life with Susan.


Candypawz Broadway Diva (Diva)

Seal Point girl. Diva is a beautiful natured very big boned girl with gorgeous eye colour and the sweetest cuddley nature, we are hoping for some stunning kittens from her in the future. Our thanks once again to Nicole McLean of Candypawz Birmans for allowing us to have this lovely sweet girl. Diva got Pyometra after her last mating and it was decided she had done her time breeding and is now living with me as another beloved pet.