Meet our beautiful breeding girls, all are very special to us and each one has their own special quality that they pass on to their progeny.


Concerto Holly Holy (Holly)

Lilac Point girl with outstanding eye colour, a very sweet expression and a wonderful loving nature that she passes on to all her progeny. A huge Thank You to Ross & Judy James (Concerto Birmans) from Palmerston North for allowing this beautiful girl to become part of our breeding programme.


Aristarchus Lady Arabella (Bella)

Chocolate Point girl, beautiful eye colour and temperament. Bella has also done well on the show bench, one of her achievements was winning the Best Entire Chocolate Cat/Kitten trophy at the 2014 Sacred temple Cat Club show.


Calista Emma Lucille (Emma)

Seal Point girl, gorgeous eye colour, beautiful dark point colour and has that lovely golden hue through her coat.


Aristarchus Xanadu Morning Mist (Misty)

Lilac Point girl, lovely eye colour, gorgeous clear coat and a wonderful temperament. Misty has done very well on the show bench. Misty won the best Lilac Point Trophy at the 2012 Birman Show and won the same trophy again in 2013.


Aristarchus Nostalgia (Stella)

Blue Point girl, Stella has lovely eye colour, a big boned girl that is giving us some beautiful kittens. Stella has also done very well in her first season on the show bench.


Candypawz Sweet N Stormy (Stormy)

Seal Tortie point girl, Stormy has gorgeous eye colour and wonderful coat and a huge personality. Thanks so much to Nicole Mclean (Candypawz Birmans) at Waihi for allowing this lovely girl to join us.


Concerto Serenade (Sierra)

Seal Tabby Point girl, Sierra has amazing eye colour and a lovely sweet nature that she is passing on to her kittens. The Tabby points seem to be coming back into fashion now and this girl is a Great Granddaughter to our beautiful Adorabella Gigi. Our Thanks go to Judy James of Concerto Birmans for allowing Sierra to join us here in the South Island.


Candypawz Broadway Diva (Diva)

Seal Point girl. Diva is a beautiful natured very big boned girl with gorgeous eye colour and the sweetest cuddley nature, we are hoping for some stunning kittens from her in the future. Our thanks once again to Nicole McLean of Candypawz Birmans for allowing us to have this lovely sweet girl.


Aristarchus A Touch Of Romance (Skye)

Blue Point girl. Skye is the daughter of our lovely Bronze Double Grand Champion Aristarchus Nostalgia. We look forward to some lovely kittens from this girl.


Candypawz She's Got The Look (Ebony)

Seal Point girl. Ebony is a lovely young girl that is maturing into a sweet natured cat with a cheeky nature, her first litter last season produced 1 kitten that is already showing some of her mothers wonderful temperment.


Aristarchus Kiss And Tell (Katie)

Blue Point girl. Katie is the newest addition to our breeding girls. She is the daughter of Gold Double Grand Champion Aristarchus Xanadu Morning Mist and Perfectpawz Sundance Kid.